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Twelve Oaks News

Community Cleanup – “Dumpster Day”
Overbrook Canal Area
Saturday, November 3rd
9am to Noon
Dumpster Day

Yes, it’s that time of year — time for another Community Cleanup. The Garage Sale will be over and it’s probably time for you to get rid of “stuff” you don’t want or need. Time to clean out your garage, trim your trees, and maybe repair or replace that old fence! The Twelve Oaks Civic Association applied for and received a County mini-grant that will fund the dumpsters needed for the cleanup. The Cleanup will take place Saturday, November 4th from 9am to noon. The grant, provided by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and sponsored by the Hillsborough County Office of Neighborhood Relations and Hillsborough County Department of Solid Waste, will be used to help Twelve Oaks’ residents dispose of large items not appropriate for normal curbside pickup. Twelve Oaks volunteers will provide all labor as an in-kind contribution to the project.

For your convenience, 5 roll-off dumpsters will be placed at the Overbrook Canal site. Residents must adhere to established rules for residential waste disposal. Acceptable items are appliances (including stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters), metals, electronics, televisions, radios, microwave ovens, furniture, mattresses, wood, large amounts of yard waste and litter. Some items, such as yard waste, tree trimmings, tires, electronics, and appliances containing freon (refrigerators and air conditioners) will have roll-off dumpsters specifically designated for their disposal

Items not accepted include household garbage, batteries, solid waste from commercial activity, hazardous chemicals, and household chemicals such as paint, solvents, pool chemicals, lawn and garden products.

NOTE: Hazardous chemicals and household chemicals are accepted at the County North Maintenance Unit located at 9805 Sheldon Road from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on the 1st Saturday of every month. Chemical wastes are disposed of only at sites approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Chemicals and Electronics MUST NOT be set out for curbside collection. DO NOT pour chemicals down the drain or on the ground. Questions?? Call Solid Waste Customer Service 813.272.5680 or Household Chemical and Electronics information 813.964.2769.

Twelve Oaks residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to dispose of unwanted household items, tree trimmings, and yard “clutter”.

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Twelve Oaks Civic Association
Annual Meeting

Tuesday, November 27th
Town ‘N Country Library
1st Floor Meeting Room A

Neighborhood WatchTOCA and Neighborhood Watch are teaming together for the Tuesday, November 27th meeting. Guest speaker, Deputy Chris Cullinan, will discuss Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. You will have an opportunity to meet Deputy Matt McCutcheon, our new CRD. He will update us on local issues and address resident’s concerns. Major Kristi Poore, District 3 Commander, will also be there to respond to questions or concerns. Doreen Clauer, Neighborhood Watch Email Coordinator, will be at the meeting to accept updates to the Nwatch chains including new phone numbers and for adding residents who are new to the community.

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm allowing time for residents and guests to enjoy the usual array of good food, desserts, and drinks. Agenda items will include the presentation of a $300 check from TOCA to Kilsys Batista, Principal of Morgan Woods Elementary School. This donation will make a total of $4,950 that TOCA has donated to help fund various projects at the school. Residents will also have the opportunity to nominate and vote for 2018 Directors.

Drawings for door prizes will be held throughout the evening. Minutes of the October 24th TOCA business meeting and the current treasurer’s report will be available. TOCA meetings are open to all residents – homeowners and renters.

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I Voted sticker

ELECTION DAY – November 6th
EARLY VOTING – October 22nd - November 4th

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Fall backTime To Change The Clocks - Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 am on the first Sunday in November.

Don’t forget to “fall back” on Sunday, November 5th.

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Veterans Day ParadeVeterans Day Parade - Saturday, November 10th: Sunshine and a sea of patriotism are expected when the Town ‘N Country Veterans Day Parade takes place Saturday, November 10th. The parade starts at 10 am at Morgan Woods Elementary School on Armand Drive, travels north on Armand Drive to Barry Rd., and west to Hanley Road. The parade will proceed south on Hanley to Paula Drive. There will be plenty of bands, floats, and clowns marching and strutting in the parade. After the parade families can enjoy a special ceremony honoring veterans and visit the carnival located on the campus of Webb Middle School.

Honoree this year is 92-year-old Al Jacobs. Formerly of New York, he is now residing in Land 'O Lakes. Mr Jacobs joined the Navy in 1943 and found himself on the battleship, New Mexico. As a teenage sailor, he saw action in the battles of Guilbert Island, Saipan, The Battle of the Coral Sea and many other sea battles. He was present outside of Tokyo Bay for the Surrender of Japan. Grand Marshal for the parade is Colonel Stephen Snelson, Commander, MacDill AFB and 6th Air Mobility Wing.

The Town ‘N Country Veterans parade has grown into one of the largest parades honoring veterans in Florida. The purpose of this annual parade is to honor and thank all US Military Veterans for their sacrifices, to promote patriotism in our society, to perpetuate a positive image of the American veteran, and to foster pride in service to our country.

Residents are encouraged to display and fly the American flag Saturday, Sunday (Veteran’s Day), and Monday.

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Veterans Day - Honoring All Who ServedVeterans Day, November 11th On Veterans Day we reflect on what it truly means to live in freedom. We owe all of our veterans, men and women, past and present, a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices in defense of liberty. We owe it to the heroes that died and to the loved ones who remain to make sure that these sacrifices are remembered and their service to this great nation will always be honored. To all military veterans living in Twelve Oaks: Please know that we support you and that we will be thinking of you on this special day. We are thankful for fine Americans like you who have given so much to our great country.

Remember to fly the American Flag on Veteran’s Day!

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Longhorn Steakhouse logoThe Twelve Oaks' Ladies Social Group will meet for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse, 8212 Citrus Park Drive (across from the mall) on Monday, November 26th at 11:30 am. Please join us! Invite a neighbor, friend, or relative.

Interested? Contact Marsha at 886.7323 or Rosemarie at 885.5753.

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Join Us

TOCA Membership

Next month, during Santa’s Holiday Market and our annual visit from Santa TOCA will kick-off its 2019 Membership Drive. Watch for details in the December Acorn. Remember your $10 annual dues are used to fund worthwhile projects that benefit Twelve Oaks and its residents.

As of October 10th, 477 residents had paid TOCA dues for 2018. The strength of our civic association depends on the support from our residents. Thank you to the residents who paid their dues. A special thank you to those who not only paid their $10 dues for 2018, but made an additional donation to our civic association.

2018 Membership dues received since August 9th:
  • Ralph Gonzalez & Denise Williams – Brookview
  • Carlos & Magda Martinez – Clearview
  • Dayli Matos & Laritza Ramos - Greenshire
  • Juan Carlos & Zulay Leyva - Kirkwood
  • John & Carol Phillips – Kirkwood
  • Linda Lehman – Oakview
  • Zulay Leyva - Oakvista
  • Renelus & Garry Paul Belizaire – Oakvista
  • Jorge Santana & Iris Paga -- Overbrook
  • Janice McCray & Robert Brown – Twelve Oaks
  • Orlando Rodriguez & Jennifer Jorge – Twelve Oaks
  • Eliane DaSilva -- Windwood
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Snoopy decorating his doghouse.Holiday Light Fight - Let’s “light up” Twelve Oaks this holiday season! Residents are encouraged to decorate their homes and “light up” before December 17th. Volunteer judges will be driving around the neighborhood the week of December 17th thru 22nd. Prizes will be awarded to one decorated home in each of the four designated areas in Twelve Oaks. Winners will be announced December 26th on Facebook (Twelve Oaks Tampa) and recognized in the February Acorn and on www.TwelveOaksOnline.com.

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Clip art houses

From Internal Concerns - Pride Outside Your Home: Every owner has a different idea of what their responsibility is for the maintenance of their property. Homeowners who allow their properties to devalue due to lack of general maintenance, overgrown yards, poor landscaping, or parking vehicles on the front yard will see their home value drop considerably.

Overgrowth, lawns that are not edged, easements that are not mowed, and bushes that are not maintained cause your home to stand out — in a bad way. Take the time to mow your lawn including the easements, edge along the sidewalk and street, and shape your bushes or hedges. Curb appeal will go from messy to maintained and the value of your property will increase.

Sure, it’s your property and you can park anywhere you want, including on your grass. If you want to ruin your lawn and lessen your property value that’s your business, but do you know that it affects your neighbors’ property value as well? Parking vehicles across the front yard tends to make the neighborhood look commercial rather than residential and it has a profound effect on property values and the quality of a neighborhood. A good suggestion is for homeowners and renters to “clean out” the garage and park at least one vehicle inside. Another idea is to park in the driveway. Vehicles can even be parked on the street in front of the home. Street parking, like “speed bumps”, is a good way to reduce speeding in a neighborhood.

Many of us are trying to hang on to our neighborhood’s beauty and its community spirit. In order to achieve this, we must work together. We ask all residents (owners and renters) to be kind to your neighbors and mindful of the look of the community and everyone will benefit.

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Welcome mat
Welcome New Neighbors:
  • Angel Aponte & family - 6917 Seton
  • Edward San Juan & family - 7505 Armand Circle

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Sprinkler systemWater Restrictions - Twelve Oaks residents are reminded that water restrictions are in effect. It’s easy to remember your watering days. Just follow the guide below:
  • Monday and/or Thursday — addresses ending in 0,1, 2, or 3
  • Tuesday and/or Friday — addresses ending in 4, 5, or 6
  • Wednesday and/or Saturday — addresses ending in 7, 8, or 9 and locations with no addresses (common areas, entry areas).
Remember: Water before 8 am, or after 6 pm. ($500 fines enforced if you are caught violating restrictions.)

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News At Large

be Hurricane PreparedIt’s Still Hurricane Season - The most important thing that you can do is to be informed and prepared! Disaster prevention includes both being prepared as well as being safe.
  • Prepare a hurricane survival kit that includes food, water, medicine, and batteries for you, your family, and your pets.
  • Secure important documents including insurance papers in waterproof bags or containers.
  • Pre-register special needs or elderly residents that may need assistance at a Special Needs Shelter.
  • Hurricane preparedness information, along with hurricane evacuation zones and shelters can be found in the online. Printed guides also are available at post offices, fire stations, public libraries, and the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center.
  • Know your evacuation zone and where you're going to go if an evacuation is ordered.
  • Keep up with weather developments and official instructions as storms form so you have plenty of time to secure your home, boat, pets, and family.
For hurricane information contact Hillsborough County Emergency Management at 236.3800 or http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/en/residents/public-safety/emergency-management/stay-safe.

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Hillsborough County InformationFor County Services, Who Do You Call? Contact Hillsborough County at 272.5900, a one-stop county service and information center! The center provides comprehensive information and referral to all government, health, and social services in the community. It coordinates government service requests and handles complaints quickly and courteously. This office works with all county departments to ensure you receive accurate and timely responses.

Hillsborough County Information – 272.5900 – Se Habla Espano

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