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Twelve Oaks News

Changes AheadChanges With Holiday Celebrations In Twelve Oaks - As is often said, change is inevitable. For most folks, change is also difficult. That being said and following extensive discussion at the January 23rd Business Meeting, the TOCA Board unanimously voted to discontinue luminary distribution to residents.

For the past few years less than 100 residents actually displayed the luminaries and vehicles parked along our streets hid many of the luminaries that were displayed. The annual cost for this event, which included candles, bags, sand, and supplies exceeded $500.

Yes! The 2018 Holiday Celebration will be different. It will be called “Santa Fest” and will also be the kickoff for TOCA’s Annual Membership Drive. Planned activities include Santa, who will be available throughout the festivities, free hotdogs and hot chocolate for everyone, and vendor booths to offer holiday crafts, gifts, baked goods, and more. The TOCA Board plans to continue displaying luminaries at all entrances on Christmas Eve.

For some of us this change is going to be difficult. It does not mean, however, that it won’t be worth it. The Twelve Oaks spirit is alive and well, just a little different. Please join us and mark your calendars now for December 15th. We encourage you to stop by and visit with friends and neighbors to start the holiday season.

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Code Enforcement
Frequently Asked Questions

Code Enforcement patchWhat are Code Violations that residents should be aware of?
  • Trash/junk/debris allowed to accumulate around the house
  • Dilapidated fences
  • High grass and weeds
  • Stagnant pools
  • Highly visible businesses being operated from a residence
  • Boats/trailers, motor homes, and travel trailers that exceed size limits or setback requirements
  • Untagged vehicles
  • Inoperable vehicles stored on property or parked on the street
  • Commercial vehicles and equipment parked in the neighborhood at night
  • Trash and yard waste put out long before the day of scheduled pickup
  • Vehicles improperly parked and blocking sidewalks or access to mailboxes
How to report a suspected violation to the County?
Suspected violations should be reported to the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Department by calling (813)-274-6600. Violations can also be reported through the department’s website by visiting http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/en/government/departments/code.

Codes - Rules - Standards - Guidelines - Compliance - RegulationsCan I remain anonymous when registering a complaint?
Yes. Code Enforcement does not require that you provide any personal information when registering your complaint. Remember that all information you choose to provide to the County, including names, phone numbers, or email addresses, is subject to the Public Record Laws. In other words, they must provide this information to anyone who asks for it. If you wish to remain completely anonymous, do not provide your personal information.

Why does it take so long to resolve a code violation?
Upon receiving a complaint of suspected violation, Hillsborough County will not correct the violation, but will give the violator due process. This means the overall decision must be fair. The violator must receive notice of what Code Enforcement intends to do and why, and an opportunity to correct the violation. If the home is a rental, the owner, who is ultimately responsible, is informed and is also given due process. Code enforcement, by law, is not a speedy process. However, to better serve you, investigators will conduct initial inspections within a couple of days, but no later than five business days from the date the complaint was received.

The timeframe to correct violations can vary. Many times, the violator will receive a written or verbal courtesy notice. If the violation is not corrected within a reasonable time, Code Enforcement will issue a formal notice of violation. Normally they allow two weeks to correct a code enforcement violation. This notice will specify the type of violation and time allowed to gain compliance.

When possible, they work with the violator to educate and allow sufficient time to correct the situation. Therefore, subsequent extensions of time to correct a Code violation may be granted by the Code Enforcement Investigator should the violator demonstrate progress towards correcting the violation. If the violator fails to demonstrate progress towards correcting the violation, he/she could be sent to Code Enforcement Board where fines can be assessed against their property.

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Spring forwardTime To Change The Clocks - Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 am on the second Sunday in March.

Don’t forget to “spring forward” on March 11th.

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Street sweepingStreet Sweeping — Tuesday, March 13th Spring is almost here! In Twelve Oaks that means CLEANUP TIME! There are leaves everywhere and those wonderful ‘curly brown things that fall from the oak trees are beginning to cover our lawns, driveways, and sidewalks. They fill the gutters and are all over our streets. We have to rake, sweep, and bag the excessive amount of debris. The grass is starting to turn green and grow and soon we’ll have to mow the lawn every week. Do not park cars on the streets from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on our Street Sweeping Day If you notice that your neighbor’s car is parked on the street, please remind them that the sweeper is coming.
  • YOUR tax dollars pay for street sweeping in Twelve Oaks! DO NOT blow, sweep, or rake grass clippings and leaves into our roadways and storm drains on street sweeping days or any other day. Some residents and yard service people have been seen blowing debris onto the streets just before and just after street sweeping days. Not only is it unsightly, but it’s also a waste of your money. According to the Hillsborough County Dept. of Public Works this is considered “ILLEGAL DUMPING”, and if caught by Code Enforcement or the Sheriff’s Dept., you can be fined. For proof, the driver of the sweeper will be taking photos of anyone breaking this law. If you have a lawn service, please inform them of this warning.

    NOTE: The sweeper WILL NOT return to your area to pick up the leaves you blow into the street.

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Senor Tequila Mexican Grill logoThe Twelve Oaks' Ladies Social Group will meet for lunch at Senor Tequila Mexican Grill located at 11115 N. Dale Mabry (next to the I-Hop) Monday, March 26th at 11:30 am. Please join us! Invite a neighbor, relative, or friend.

Interested? Contact Marsha at 886.7323 or Rosemarie at 885.5753.

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Dumpster Day

Spring Cleaning?   Get Ready for Another....
Community Cleanup – “Dumpster Day”
Overbrook Canal Area
Saturday, April 21st
9AM to Noon

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Christmas lights6 Reasons you should take down your Christmas lights and put away the yard decorations:
  1. Christmas is over
  2. New Year’s Eve is over
  3. Valentine’s Day is over
  4. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th
  5. First day of Spring is March 20th
  6. Easter is April 1st

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Join Us

2018 TOCA Membership

We got mail and we loved it! Thank you to residents who responded to the Membership Drive “mail-out” and promptly sent in their membership dues. A special thank you to those who not only paid their $10 dues but made an additional donation to TOCA. Thank you for your support! A few residents took the time to include compliments and comments on their applications. Suggestions that applied to your Special Taxing District (TOSD) were referred to them. There are 994 homes in Twelve Oaks and we currently have 276 members.

If you have not joined or renewed your membership for 2018 and would like to pay using PayPal, simply go to TOCA page, and follow the prompts. If you prefer, download, complete and mail the 2018 TOCA Membership Application along with your check made out to TOCA at P.O. Box 261012 Tampa, FL, 33685. Please include your email address and phone number as they are very important and make it possible for the association to communicate important information to residents in a timely manner.

2018 Memberships received through February 9th:

Amber - 9 homes – 3 members
  • Matias & Matilda Milla
  • Tung Van Nguyen
  • Robert & Barbara Funk
Armand Cr - 46 homes - 21 members
  • Joseph & Barbara Trippiedi
  • Reynaldo Cruz & Cynthia Buning
  • Thomas Nimphius & Stephanie Facciaponte
  • Elijah & Kristine Wells
  • Paula Perez Paz
  • Dennis & Rose Moyer
  • Reno & Laura Daigle
  • Thomas & Dorothy Powers
  • Dan & Nancy Hendrix
  • Conny Eades
  • Rainey & Carol Shelby
  • Marta and Yadira Rodriguez
  • Humberto Gonzalez
  • Alan & Anita Speirs
  • Pat Lindsey
  • Francis Beauregard
  • Catherine Gallette
  • Odette Collier
  • Sonia Robles
  • Ada Berasaluce
  • Virginia Green
Armand Dr - 10 homes – 6 members
  • Josh & Robin Akers
  • German & Phyllis Cerrato
  • Chris & Elaine Wild
  • Charles & Nancy Bosek
  • Chris & Carey Green
  • Allan & Jean Frankel
Barry - 38 homes – 15 members
  • Kenneth & Fannie Wynn
  • Ralph & Nancy Hegwood
  • Edith Suazo & Michelle Vidal
  • Ademiro & Monica Da Silva
  • Jerry & Laura Weiter
  • Marvin & Jeanette Oliver
  • Manuel Cabrera & Anna Diaz
  • Hocaina Arias & Miguel Feliz
  • Antonio & Walkis Cruz
  • Mary Blazer
  • Edward Stephen
  • Paul & Karen Vogel
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Ann Meachem
  • Erwin & Lissette Stewart
Brookhaven - 17 homes – 7 members
  • Mark & Margaret Carpenter
  • Roshwsn & Grace Stephens
  • David Cruz & Farrah Ebuen
  • Richard & Sandra Evans
  • Robert & Jackie Holsopple
  • Keith & Iris Khan
  • David & Patricia Tinkey
Brook Hollow - 10 homes - 2 members
  • Norma Socas & Yuneysi Perez
  • Alex Barron & Kristin Pratt
Brookview - 49 homes – 10 members
  • Emil Johnson
  • Percy & Kara White
  • Alex & Eva Herzing
  • Elaine Roach
  • Susan Stringfellow
  • Carol Wegman
  • Mark Sherman
  • Joe & Lindy Johnson
  • Richard & Rosemarie Jaszka
  • Greg Wiggs & Cynthia Jones
Clearview - 33 homes – 7 members
  • Gary & Lisa Liller
  • Otto & Tamara Weiss
  • Stephen Schwanebeck
  • Rob & Teresa Julian
  • Carlos & Liliana Gomez
  • Bob & Helen Ramsey
  • Jose & Olga Fernandez
Edenbrook - 16 homes – 6 members
  • Janet Owen
  • Steve & Lori Bohling
  • Howard & Rosemarie Middleton
  • Caridad Moya Gonzales
  • Karin & James Murphy
  • Rafael & Anita Caballero
Fairbrook - 5 homes - 1 member
  • James & Mattie Martin
Fairford - 8 homes – 5 members
  • Nilsa Herrera
  • Charles & Juanita Hill
  • David & Elizabeth Munoz
  • David Fett
  • Willie & Lynn Noriega
Forestview - 5 homes – 2 members
  • Ligia Ivonne Williams
  • Norman & Martha Holmes
Greenshire - 53 homes – 12 members
  • Lucia Perez
  • Robert & Martha Linteau
  • Patrick & Julie Johanboeke
  • Elvia Perez
  • Russell & Linda Weber
  • Mercita Ramos
  • Steve & Mary McQuinn
  • Brandon & Milly Schmier
  • Gerald & Laura Coplon
  • Zachary Forsch & Shelbylyn Mosher
  • Eligio & Medely Barrios
  • Julio & Ada Perez
Heather - 13 homes – 2 members
  • Carol Rowbotham
  • Glenna & Emerald Haynes
Heathermoor - 11 homes – 2 members
  • Janette Dodge
  • Robert & Linda O'Harold
Kirkwood - 21 homes – 4 members
  • Eric Williams
  • Hugo & Nohemy Lopez
  • Ed & Lynda Brady
  • Danilo Fuentes Herrera
Malvern - 58 homes – 4 members
  • Marilyn McMillan
  • Sergio & Flor Garcia
  • Marlon & Marjorie Lewis
  • Reynaldo & Rita Corsa
Mayfair - 18 homes – 6 members
  • Patrick & Sue McDaniel
  • Lisa & Franco Polanco
  • Karen Ann Dougherty
  • Maria Silvana Rodriguez
  • Greg Thole
  • Pablo & Ruth Bellido
Meadow - 45 homes – 13 members
  • Victor & Maria Aldana
  • Elizabeth Jenkins
  • Charles & Beverlyn Patterson
  • Felix & Ana Jasnoch
  • Bill Daab
  • Bill Downer
  • Kenneth & Patty Williams
  • Donald & Miriam Falatek
  • Martha & Gisele De Los Rios
  • Howard & Lori Broyles
  • Evelyn Turrin
  • Jerry & Eileen Hendricks
  • Georgina Hernandez & Blanca Rodriguez
Mitchell - 40 homes – 14 members
  • Paige Russell
  • Matt & Christy Brodeur
  • Edward Martos
  • Chris & Kathy Bradley
  • Josh Pyszkowski & Andrea Anastassiades
  • Richard & Dianne Geiger
  • Freddy Taveras & Ingrid Guzman
  • Alfred & Juanita Smith
  • Camily Menoyo
  • Michael Cooper
  • Karen Johnson
  • Clayton & Marcella Cawood
  • Sherry Crowell
  • Tim & Patty Beahan
Nova - 23 homes – 2 members
  • Raymond & Lisa Strawn
  • Rolando Rodriguez & Arelis Munoz Diaz
Oakmoor - 3 homes – 2 members
  • Armando & Gema Suarez
  • Melody Davis
Oakview - 26 homes – 7 members
  • Berta Moralejo
  • Will & Claudia Beran
  • Al & Mary Marshall
  • Luisa Bedoya & Jesus Castellano
  • Anthony Lamacchia
  • Patrick & Julie McKeon
  • Horacio & Kiomara Yturriaga
Oakvista - 50 homes – 19 members
  • James & Joan Reedy
  • Trixie Johnston
  • Marie Providence-Williams
  • Dan Joerger and Tracy Gelo
  • Dave Stroupe
  • Matthew & Elizabeth Bosio
  • Vincent Chin & Jacqueline Vasconcellos
  • Carlos & Maria Guevara
  • Dennis & Kathy Gomez
  • Tom & Fran Cloonan
  • Thomas & Regina Henschel
  • Duane & Susan Pritchard
  • Aaron & Madelyn Littles
  • Susan Richardson
  • Xavier & Darrll Morales-Ortega
  • Ben & Valera Reynolds
  • Nancy Harutunian
  • Lorenzo Luis Hernandez
  • Mario & Elsa Goncalves
Overbrook - 12 homes – 7 members
  • Eva Luzon
  • Gayle Zeno
  • Sarah Richards
  • Nanci Schnur
  • Joe & Mary Jo Hahn
  • Terry & Suk Ja Raulerson
  • Nancy Cloonan
Palmbrook - 35 homes – 2 members
  • Steven & Amanda Springer
  • Sally Laird
Rustic - 31 homes – 2 members
  • Beth & Gabrielle Fontana
  • Patrick & Brittany Fontana
Seton - 15 homes – 2 members
  • Jeanne Tarr
  • Scott Galusha & Heather Hale
Shady - 14 homes – 6 members
  • Ben & Cathy Chafin
  • Andre Delhoste & Susan Hancock
  • Martin & Kathryn Williamson
  • Haden & Jennifer Polizzi
  • Albert Castro & Nanette Bonilla
  • Rolando Carrillo & Maite Ventura
Spring Ct - 6 homes – 3 members
  • Ed & Lorraine Whyte
  • Walter & Elizabeth Foster
  • Yarivette Alamo-Torres
Summerbridge - 41 homes – 16 members
  • Harvey & Cheryl Hawkins
  • Robbie Bentz
  • Ascension Jaureguibeitia
  • Jose & Maria Rey
  • Billy & Margaret Legree
  • Chantale Pierre-Louis
  • Alfredo & Raquel Rodriguez
  • Tom & Amy Watson
  • Abigail Olson
  • Truman & Jeslyn Daniels
  • Ginger Martin
  • Kevin Yarnell
  • John & Jennifer Johnson
  • Dave & Debbie Presnell
  • Don & Dotty Richardson
  • Frank & Alice Burhenn
Sunshine - 27 homes – 2 members
  • Mary Bradenbaugh
  • Orlando Coto & Kenia Morales
Twelve Oaks - 100 homes – 36 members
  • John & Joanne Alves
  • Todd & Amy Keil
  • Jose & Alba Pelaez
  • Frank & Jean Cardinale
  • Bill & Gloria Hines
  • Arnold & Judith Walker
  • Ken & Melissa Spanola
  • Jim & Lucero Jones
  • Phillip & Dena Cathey
  • Taye Degafu & Zenebework Belay
  • Gary & Stephanie Rose
  • Norma Smith & Cherie
  • Joan Ward
  • David & Rebecca Gagliardo
  • Michael & Denise Martin
  • Kevin & Tonya Hammond
  • Gail Lowe
  • Joe & Mary Villeneuve
  • Leon & Juana Cassagne
  • Ricardo Alonso & Paula Sanz
  • Gary & Maria Speegle
  • Bryan Mikolay & Heather Lewis
  • Rinaldo & Enia Castillo
  • Donna Talley
  • Gisela Wendt
  • Luis Barba & Ana Jasso
  • Jay & Linda Dillinger
  • Alberto Castillo
  • Katalee Tanasuk
  • John & Aurora Provenzano
  • Ron & Heather Dial
  • Arthur & Elaine Viders
  • Arie Ho
  • John & Melody Cooper
  • Orlando & Evelyn Santiago
  • Herman & Veronica White
Vassar - 37 homes – 9 members
  • Gilbert & Roxanna Chavez
  • Ron & Jeannie Cannon
  • Jeff & Emily Timmerman
  • Gary & Doreen Clauer
  • Joshua & Samantha Iorio
  • Bill & Barbara Caldwell
  • David & Karen Kunkle
  • George & Ping Lu
  • Lydia Fragoso
Williams - 24 homes – 5 members
  • Pete & Ann Carletti
  • Robert & Linda Mann
  • Robert & Cecelia Little
  • Rose Marie Jean
  • Claudio Zegarra
Willow – 9 homes – 5 members
  • Daniel Fuentes
  • Les & Kris Holland
  • Tim & Kelly Young
  • Mauricio Rodriguez
  • Marsha Craig
Windwood - 14 homes - 3 members
  • Milton Prater & Kendra Wood
  • Carmen Garces
  • Betty Myrick
Woodhall - 11 homes – 3 members
  • William & Nancy Whye
  • Juan Cruz & Arelis Valdez
  • Alba Ramirez & Jose Arrieta
Woodkirk - 11 homes – 3 members
  • Ray & Shirley Sonazzaro
  • Vivien Keen
  • Sam & Trish Nellis

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EmailNeighborhood Watch: If you would like to be placed on the Neighborhood Watch email list and receive updates, please email your name and physical address to nwatch12oaks@gmail.com. Neighborhood Watch email is one tool to help keep residents informed. Important message: If you have already signed up and are not receiving the updates make sure you add nwatch12oaks@gmail.com into your address book.

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The Drain is Just for Rain
Please Keep Storm Drains Clean!
No leaves! No grass! No trash!

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Hillsborough County Guidelines for Tree Removal -Permits, unless exempted otherwise by the Land Development Code, are required for the removal of trees on residential and non-residential properties for all tree species, with the exception of exempted trees as defined by the Land Development Code.

Residential Properties:
All trees on residential property, vacant or under construction, which measure 5” DBH (i.e. trunk diameter) or larger require a permit BEFORE removal.

For additional information call the Department of Planning & Growth Management 276.8356 or check out the following web site: http://hillsboroughcounty.org/pgm/app_forms.html Click on: Tree Removal Information

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What reduces property values in a neighborhood?

  • Overgrowth (yard not cared for)
  • Accumulations of junk, trash, debris
  • Vehicles, trailers, boats parked on front yards
  • Commercial vehicles parked overnight and on weekends
Are you responsible? It’s time to turn eyesores into assets.

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The Dos and Don’ts of
Curbside Residential Recycling
“When in Doubt – Leave It Out”

Recycle these items in your blue cart. Place recyclables loose in your blue cart, NOT bagged:
  • Clean plastic bottles and containers
  • Clean aluminum cans, food trays, and pie tins
  • Clean steel and tin cans and containers
  • Clean glass bottles and jars
  • Dry paper, newspaper, and junk mail
  • Clean milk, juice, and broth cartons and boxes
  • Dry cardboard and paperboard
  • DO flatten, cut down or fold cardboard boxes to fit in the cart
Hillsborough County recycling cartDon’t recycle these items in your blue cart. These items are not recyclable in the country’s curbside program and should never be placed in your blue cart:
  • NO plastic bags, film or tarps
  • NO polystyrene foam or Styrofoam
  • NO soiled paper items
  • NO garden hoses, cords, ropes, or wires
  • NO clothing, shoes, or textiles
  • NO electronics

Recycling logoHelp make sure the recycling efforts by you and your neighbors aren’t in vain by remembering to only recycle clean, dry, and un-bagged program materials in your blue cart. Remember, “When in doubt – leave it out”. The good news is that discarding items in your gray cart is still “green” because your garbage is processed into renewable energy.

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Thank You VolunteersDecember Holiday Volunteers!Twelve Oaks’ volunteers make a difference in our community. Their generous contributions—no matter how large or small— create a ripple of kindness that spreads over time to improve our community. TOCA would like to express gratitude to the volunteers who gave so much of their time helping with various holiday projects and activities.
  • 2017 Holiday Volunteers: Jeff Berg, Janet Owen, Sarah Richards, Mercita & Hanna Ramos, Sue Prichard, Linda Mann, Reggie Henschel, Rosemarie Middleton, Kenneth & Fannie Wynn, Jim Jones, Yves Villard, Doreen Clauer and Steven Schwanebeck.
  • Santa: Bill Daab
  • Santa Sleigh: Mark and Margaret Carpenter
In 2018, we hope volunteering will continue to play an important role in your life and that you find personal satisfaction in helping others. Please remember that your efforts are immeasurable and are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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TOCA Christmas 2017 Charity Report
Operation Helping Hand logo

Total amount of cash & checks donated by residents = $195.00
Total amount of gift cards donated by residents = $ 30.00
TOCA Matching Funds = $300.00
Total donation to Operation Helping Hand = $525.00

The James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa has treated some of the most severely injured active duty and medically retired War on Terror service members who have been in combat. Your support of this worthwhile operation will definitely help the wounded or injured service members and their families.

Thank you to all residents who contributed.

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Yard wasteHillsborough County Yard Waste Collection guidelines:
  • You may set out up to 12 (twelve) 30 gallon containers of yard waste (which amounts to approximately 2-cubic yards) per collection.
  • Use your own cans, boxes, bags, or other containers to store your yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, shrubbery, tree trimmings) and place these items curbside. NOTE: Each container cannot exceed 50 pounds.
  • Bundle tree branches securely with twine or rope. Do not use wire. Each bundle must be less than 4 feet long and 6 inches in diameter.
  • Yard waste must be placed within 10 feet of the curb.
If you experience a missed pickup including Recycling, Garbage, or Yard Waste contact Republic Waste, our solid waste hauler. Republic Waste Services – 813.265.0292

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Doggie dispenserDid Your Dog Drop Something? Doggie Bag Dispensers“ and black trash receptacles, provided by TOCA, are located at the canal areas on Kirkwood, Barry Rd, Armand Drive, Overbrook, Rustic Drive (near Oakmoor), Rustic Drive (near Vassar), by the lake on Twelve Oaks Blvd. and on Twelve Oaks Blvd. near Oakview Circle. Dog-walkers are encouraged to take and use one of the disposable bags that are provided to clean up after their pet. If you walk your dog in an area that does not have a dispenser, take a disposal bag with you. Please dispose of the used bags properly.

Remember to "Think Before You Throw" and toss all trash into one of the trash receptacles that are strategically placed throughout Twelve Oaks.

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Neighborhood Watch PatrolTwelve Oaks Watch Patrol — Community volunteers drive around our neighborhood with "Twelve Oaks Watch Patrol" magnetic signs on their cars and a flashing light. These people are neighbors who volunteer to help make our community safer. The patrol volunteers do not stop cars or people, but do have a significant impact on lowering crime. Their presence makes it known that we, as a community, are observing and watching for suspicious persons, vehicles, or incidents to report directly to the Sheriff’s Dept. Patrol volunteers are needed for March and April. If you would like to help, please contact Ann Carletti at 888.7212 or email: tocrimepatrol@gmail.com. A gasoline gift card is given to those who patrol at least three to four days in a week and turn in the report.

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Being a Good NeighborBe A Good Neighbor in 2018

Good neighbors respect their property and their neighbors.

Good neighbors:
  • Keep their lawns mowed and edged, and yards free of junk, trash, and debris.
  • Keep cars, trucks, and boats off the lawn.
  • Place trash out for collection the night before, not days before.
  • Keep the sidewalks clear.
  • Keep trashcans out of sight.
  • Watch out for their neighbors.
Are you a good neighbor?

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Welcome New Neighbors: Welcome mat
  • Deyvi Pena & family - 6904 Seton
  • Michael Gardner & Julie Santelices - 7505 Summerbridge
  • Loraine Butler - 7306 Barry

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Think Before You ThrowLitter (as well as signs taped on sign poles, nailed or taped to trees, or placed curbside) destroys the beauty of any community. Please don’t be a litterbug.

Help us maintain a well-kept neighborhood and keep Twelve Oaks beautiful.

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Sprinkler systemWater Restrictions - Twelve Oaks residents are reminded that water restrictions are in effect. It’s easy to remember your watering days. Just follow the guide below:
  • Monday and/or Thursday — addresses ending in 0,1, 2, or 3
  • Tuesday and/or Friday — addresses ending in 4, 5, or 6
  • Wednesday and/or Saturday — addresses ending in 7, 8, or 9 and locations with no addresses (common areas, entry areas).
Remember: Water before 8 am, or after 6 pm. ($500 fines enforced if you are caught violating restrictions.)

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Town 'N Country News

School NewsKindergarten Round-Up at Morgan Woods Elementary School – will celebrate 50 years of educational excellence Thursday, March 22nd, 6:00 to 7:30 pm. In 1967, the School Board of Hillsborough County approved a fifteen-acre site on Armand Drive donated by developer, Jim Shimberg for the location of a new elementary school. Morgan Woods was the first elementary school in Hillsborough County designed using educational specifications, and was recognized by Nations School for its outstanding and innovative architectural features. Current and former students, parents, faculty and staff, and County staff are invited to help celebrate.

Important dates for parents to remember:
  • March 2:
    • Dr. Seuss Night – 5:30-7:00 pm
    • JLA Clubs Day
  • March 12-16: Spring Break - No School
  • March 22: Morgan Woods 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • March 23: Spring Individual Picture Day
  • March 30: Non-Student Day
Questions? Contact the school office at 872.5369.

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Town 'N Country Garden CircleThe Town ‘N Country Garden Circle will meet Wed. March 7th at 11:30 am at the Jackson Springs Community Recreation Center annex building, 8620 Jackson Springs Road. Following lunch provided by circle members an Auction Fund–Raiser is planned. Members are to bring two items valued at $10 or more to put up for auction. Ideas for items to auction are: books, garden art, sports items, jewelry, scarves, games, and gift cards. Please no plants or clothing!

Garden Circle is focused on beautifying the community and educating members. Twelve Oaks gardeners, from brown thumbs to green thumbs, are welcome. For information about the Garden Circle contact Linda Mann at 813.886.8193.

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SeniorsThe Town 'N Country Senior Center provides stimulating activities, health and wellness, educational programs, opportunities for socialization and nutritious meals in an enriched environment for active adults and senior citizens. The Center, located on the first floor of the Town ‘N Country Library, is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Seniors can learn about Medicare, how to manage prescriptions, and the importance of having blood pressure checks. All are part of the center's mission to focus on active adults and healthy living. Spanish, Italian, French, ESOL (English), and Sign Language classes are offered. Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, kick boxing, walking, and exercise classes including cardio fitness are scheduled. On any given day, guests could be working out in classes or alone in the fitness center, watching movies, participating in Karaoke Club, Rummikub Club, Busy Hands (crochet, knit & sew), art classes, playing billiards, bridge, bingo, mahjongg, or pinochle. Computers are available and the Center provides computer training.

Special programs and events in March include:
  • March 1: 10:30 am – USF Pharmacy – Disposing of Medication Safely
  • March 8:
    • 9:00 am – Field Trip to Strawberry Festival – Pre-register
    • 2:00 pm – Book of the Month Club
  • March 13: 11:30 am – Nutrition Education – Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • March 16: 1:30 pm – St. Patrick’s Dance Party & Treasure Hunt
  • March 20:
    • 11:40 am – Wellness Presentation – Let’s Learn About Our Kidneys
    • 1:00 pm – Armchair Travel to Hungary, Austria, Finland, & more
  • March 21: 12:00 pm – Spring Arts and Craft Fair
  • March 30: 1:30 pm – Monthly Birthday Celebration & Friday Fiesta
For a complete calendar of events or additional information about the Town ‘N Country Senior Center call 873.6336.

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UF/IFAS Florida Master Gardener Program LogoThe Hillsborough County Extension Service offers free plant clinics each month at the Town 'N Country Library. The programs are given by volunteer Master Gardeners that are trained by the University of Florida. All information is research-based by the University.

BegoniaThis month's topic, Begonias, will be offered on Thursday, March 8th at 6:30 pm. Participants will learn about the many different varieties of begonias and how to use them in the yard. Propagation strategies and the history of this wonderful plant will be discussed.

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Town 'N Country LibraryVisit the Town ‘N Country Library: Book discussions, English conversational skills, computer classes, used book sales, activities for toddlers, teens and adults, and more are offered at our local library.

Programs offered in March include:
  • Walk-In Tech Help for adults is available March 5th and 19th at 2:00 pm. Drop in any time during this one-hour open lab for quick training in computer basics, tablets, smart-phones, e-books, e-readers, and more.
  • DIY: Giant Paper Flowers - Monday, March 5th at 2:00 pm adults and teens are invited to learn how to make eye-catching and colorful giant paper flowers. This program is limited to 12 participants and registration is required.
  • Wednesdays, March 7th and 21st at 3:00 kids in grades 6 – 12 will enjoy Card/Board Gaming. The best of card game and board game entertainment will be provided. No tech needed: just cardboard! The library will provide starter decks to learn and play the three most popular card games, including Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Feel free to bring your own decks. Several big names in board games, including Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Ticket to Ride, and Fluxx will be available.
  • Begonias will be the topic of discussion at the Master Gardener program Thursday, March 8th at 6:30 pm.
  • Monday, March 12th at 12:00 pm a special presentation on Elder Law in Florida will be offered. Join Elsa “Elsi” Melendez, Attorney at Law, as she discusses the legal needs of people as they age. This presentation will explore the basic planning and asset protection strategies that elder law offers to Florida residents.
  • Thursday, March 15th at 4:00 pm tweens and teens can learn about Beeswax Candlemaking and how to mold and create fantastic gift candles. All supplies will be provided.
  • Cooking with the Vegabond Chef - Monday, March 19th at 11:30 am discover the health benefits of a plant-based diet with Brad Myers, the Vegabond Chef, in this cooking demonstration and tasting. This program is limited to 30 participants and registration is required.
  • Cooking With Publix Aprons Cooking School: Gluten Free Dishes will take place Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 pm. Adults will be entertained and inspired in this demonstration-style cooking class lead by an expert Publix Aprons chef. Watch as a delicious, Gluten free dish is prepared before your eyes, perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about Gluten free cooking. Recipe cards will be given out at the end of the class followed by a tasting.
The Friends of the Town 'N Country Regional Library Bargain Street Book Store is open at all times that the Library is open with books at bargain prices. For information on these and other library activities visit the Town ‘N Country Regional Public Library website, click on Schedule of Events or call 813.801.6722.

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News At Large

VITA logoFree Tax Help from VITA provided through Hillsborough County and coordinated through the United Way Suncoast is available by appointment only at the Town ‘N Country Library for people who make $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. This service is available Tuesdays from 3:00 to 7:00 pm, Fridays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm, and Saturdays from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. For additional information or appointment call 813.215.6528.
  • Individuals needing help may visit a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site or complete their taxes online for free using MyFreeTaxes.com.
  • The Hillsborough County Extension office also is scheduling appointments for tax preparation help. To make an appointment, contact Denise Kantak at 813.744.5519 ext. 54141.
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AARP Tax-Aide logoAARP Tax-Aide provides free tax preparation assistance to taxpayers with low and middle incomes through April 9th. Special attention is given to people age 60 and older, but you do not need to be an AARP member or a retiree to use the service. The closest site to Twelve Oaks is the American Legion Post 152 located at 11211 Sheldon Road. This service is available every Monday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. No appointment necessary.

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2018 Florida Strawberry Festival - Building New Memories!Family Fun: The Florida Strawberry Festival (Plant City) — Celebrating 84 years of family fun King Strawberry is the highlight of the Florida Strawberry Festival running from March 1st thru March 11th. The festival continues to preserve and enhance the agricultural and historical legacy of the Florida strawberry. Visitors to the festival will enjoy exhibits of agriculture, commerce, industry, livestock, fine arts, horticulture, and crafts. Named one of the top 40 fairs in North America, it features headline entertainment including Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood, Reba McEntire, Josh Turner, Brad Paisley, and more. Strawberry delights such as strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshakes, strawberry sundaes, strawberry cobbler, strawberry ice cream, and just plain strawberries are available.

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Raymond James - Gasparilla Festival of the Arts logoGasparilla Festival of the Arts — March 3 & 4 — Celebrate 48 years of fine arts and crafts at the annual Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. The FREE festival will showcase over 300 of the world’s most talented artists who essentially transform a downtown Tampa park into a museum. Featured art includes ceramic, digital, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor and wood. The esteemed event also features the works of local young artists, a weekend full of live entertainment and a children’s art activity area. Entertainment acts will perform during the two-day festival at the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in downtown Tampa.

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Hillsborough County InformationFor County Services, Who Do You Call? Contact Hillsborough County at 272.5900, a one-stop county service and information center! The center provides comprehensive information and referral to all government, health, and social services in the community. It coordinates government service requests and handles complaints quickly and courteously. This office works with all county departments to ensure you receive accurate and timely responses.

Hillsborough County Information – 272.5900 – Se Habla Espano

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