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Twelve Oaks News

Annual Twelve Oaks Garage Sale
Saturday, October 21, 2017
8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
(Rain Date - October 28)
Twelve Oaks Annual Community Garage Sale

Get your trash and treasures ready! Now is the time to bring out all those items that have worn out their welcome at your house and consider getting rid of them at the 34th Annual Twelve Oaks Garage Sale. What one person considers junk, another may consider a treasure. The sale will take place Saturday, October 21st. Classified ads have been placed in various newspapers and on social media advertising the event and signs will be posted throughout our community, all provided by TOCA. Now, all we need is YOU and your willingness to clean up, clean out, set up, earn some money, do some shopping, and meet your neighbors. Above all else, have some fun! Mark your calendar now and join in the fun. You may earn some money, make some new friends, and find a treasure or two yourselves.

Between 2:00 and 4:00 pm, after the Garage Sale, the National Kidney Foundation will have a truck available at the canal area on Overbrook Drive for drop offs of gently used unsold items. If you do not participate in the Garage Sale, you may still drop off gently worn clothing, household goods, furniture, jewelry, accessories, antiques, books and small appliances in good working order that you wish to dispose of. Receipts will be available to those who would like them. Volunteers will be on hand to help unload cars. Note: This service will only be available on Saturday, October 21st.

Important Message: TOCA nor TOSD advocates the selling of alcohol during the Garage Sale. Any resident selling alcohol will be reported to the Sheriff’s Department. A person or business must obtain a Florida Alcoholic Beverage License in order to sell any kind of alcoholic beverage in the state of Florida. In addition one must obtain a permit from Hillsborough County. (Re: Hillsborough County Land Development Code: Sec. 6.11.11. Alcoholic Beverage Use)

Garage sale shopperSafety First: Don’t Let Anyone In Your House!
  • Not to use the bathroom (Direct them to the public bathroom at Publix.)
  • Not to try on clothes (Provide a tape measure.)
  • Not to use the phone (Do not give out your home number – if they want to contact you about an item at a later date, take their number instead. They know where you live.)
  • Watch your sale items! Yes, unfortunately, people shoplift at garage sales, too. It’s much safer to wear your money in a waist pack than to use a cash box that has to be watched and could be stolen.
  • Be safety conscious. Look for and remove any safety hazards in your yard and driveway. People can trip over hoses, sprinklers, etc.
  • Keep an eye on children and pets, yours and theirs.
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Street sweepingStreet Sweeping Update – On the front page of the October Acorn there is an article about street sweeping. The Monday, October 16th date was cancelled because of the hurricane debris lining our roadways. Street sweeping has been rescheduled for Monday, November 6th. Hopefully everything will be cleaned up by then. We ask residents to rake all leaves and small sticks and either bag it or put it in a container and place it street side for a Saturday pickup.

FYI......Street sweeping is funded through TOSD (tax dollars) not TOCA.

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Happy HalloweenHalloween Safety Tips ― Even if your kids are Halloween veterans, it can’t hurt to go over the ground rules. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office offers the following tips to having a fun and safe Halloween.

Tips for Treaters
  • If you want trick or treaters to come to your home, keep your outside and front room lights on. It is also good to have Halloween decorations on display.
  • Give store-wrapped or non-edible (crayons, stickers, small party favors) treats. If you must give homemade goodies, put your name and address on each treat (address labels work well) and give them only to children who know you.
Tips for Parents
  • Make sure your child’s costume allows freedom of movement and good visibility. It should either be a light color or have reflective strips on it. Kids love to carry flashlights and it can make them more visible.
  • If possible, have children trick or treat before dark.
  • Insist that your children trick or treat with a friend, a group, or an adult. Young children should always go with an adult or responsible teenager.
  • Insist that your children stay in their own neighborhood and on an agreed route.
  • Before children eat any treats, check them over. Use your discretion about homemade treats. The safest rule is to throw away anything that is not store-wrapped and in good condition.
  • Cut fruit into pieces before eating to make sure it is all fruit and has not been tampered with.
  • Sponsor a party in place of trick or treating.
  • Sometimes shopping malls will sponsor a party with each shop owner providing the treats.
Candy cornTips for Kids
  • Stay in your own neighborhood. Go with a friend, a group, or an adult.
  • Go only to houses with lights on or with Halloween decorations up.
  • Do not eat any treats until an adult has checked them.
  • Watch for cars when crossing the street.
  • Tell you parents about anything that makes you uncomfortable or scared.
No one should trick-or-treat after 10:00 pm. Residents are encouraged to turn off outside lights at 10:00 pm to discourage late night visitors.

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Welcome New Neighbors: Welcome mat
  • Darril Brown & Xavier Morales Ortega - 7432 Oakvista
  • Alex Barron & Kristin Pratt - 6406 Brook Hollow
  • New Neighbors - 7811 Edenbrook

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MembershipTOCA Membership - As of September 7th, 466 residents had joined TOCA for 2017. Our goal is 50% membership and we are almost there.

New members are welcome at any time. Each new member makes us that much stronger, both in numbers, and in the resources available to our organization. A $10 annual donation (or more if you choose) supports year-round community events and services that maintain the quality of living in our beautiful community. If you have not joined or renewed your membership for 2017 and would like to pay using PayPal, simply go to TOCA page, and follow the prompts. If you prefer, complete the application that is on the website and mail it along with your check made out to TOCA at P.O. Box 261012 Tampa, FL 33685

2017 Memberships received July 12th through September 7th:
  • Keily & Nichole Rodriguez – Armand Circle
  • Javier Gonzalez & Rosa Herrera – Barry Rd.
  • Thomas Poole & Kerry Harrison – Brook Hollow
  • Leandro & Jana Brandao – Fairbrook
  • Justo Torres – Greenshire
  • Lazaro Mora & Suzel Moreno – Oakvista
  • Roberto & Tiffany Guerrero – Sunshine
  • Jose & Alba Pelaez – Twelve Oaks
  • Ray & Winnie Lara - Williams
  • Angela DeRocco & Robin Niven – Windwood
Thank you for your support.

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Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen logoThe Twelve Oaks' Ladies Social Group meet for lunch at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen located at 11004 N Dale Mabry (across from the IHOP and next to Outback), Monday, October 30th at 11:30 am. We would love for you to join us. Consider inviting a neighbor, friend, or relative!

Interested? Contact Marsha at 886.7323 or Rosemarie at 885.5753.

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Thank You on a road signThank You and Congratulations To The Winners! A special thanks to the businesses that contributed these wonderful door prizes for the August 22nd TOCA meeting. Donors, prizes, and resident winners were:
  • Publix, Twelve Oaks Plaza, for their donation of the large tray of cubanitos served to attendees
  • Jeff Berg, Realtor – Coldwell Banker
    • $25 Panera Gift Card to Mary Marshall
  • The Florida Aquarium
    • 4 Complimentary passes to Fannie Wynn
  • Outback (Sheldon Rd.)
    • 2 $10 Tuck Away Cards, Free Dessert & Aussietizer to Sarah Richards
  • Village Inn (Hillsborough Ave.)
    • 3 pie gift cards to Glenna Haynes
  • Kuchi Sushi & Hibachi (Anderson Rd.)
    • $20 gift card to Betty Myrick
  • Carrabba’s (Sheldon Rd.)
    • $25 gift card to Mary Blazer
  • Mission BBQ (Waters Ave.)
    • 2 free sandwich coupons to Mercita Ramos
The generosity of these businesses and individuals certainly demonstrates their dedication to the community of Twelve Oaks. Thank Then By Supporting Them!

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VolunteersVolunteers: Residents are encouraged to consider volunteering as active members on the 2018 TOCA Board. (Elections will be held at the November meeting.) Serving on this Board entails spending 1 or 2 hours a month with fellow residents trying to make a difference in our community. Residents, who would like to participate and contribute to the betterment of Twelve Oaks, are encouraged to attend meetings, ask questions, and simply find out more about what the different organizations do for the community.

Questions?? Contact any TOCA Board member. You will find our phone numbers and email addresses on the Contact Us page of this website or on page 2 of the Acorn newsletter.

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Internal Concerns:
A Problem And An Eyesore In Twelve Oaks

Why are too many cars on a lawn a problem? The trend is clear and alarming not only in Twelve Oaks, but throughout many neighborhoods in Hillsborough County. This problem has a negative affect on neighborhoods, especially neighborhoods like Twelve Oaks that are older and more affordable and lacking up-to-date deed restrictions or mandatory associations that can enforce them.

The increasing problem of residential neighborhoods resembling parking lots, with some homeowners paving over entire lawns to squeeze seven, eight, or even nine cars, vans, or trucks in the driveway has many homeowners upset. Even one front yard with multiple cars parked haphazardly on bare, rutted earth or lined up on an oil-stained expanse of pavement has a negative impact on its entire block. Parking cars across the front yard tends to make the neighborhood look commercial rather than residential and it has a profound affect on the quality of a neighborhood. Front yards stuffed with cars reduce property values. In spite of this, we must consider both sides of this issue. The private ownership of property and the principles of liberty are treasured by homeowners. Ownership means control and there are no county code laws against parking vehicles in the yard. This is a tough issue. On one hand there is sympathy for a homeowner doing his or her thing and on the other hand there is the reality that many “long time” Twelve Oaks’ homeowners see their neighborhood as one they don’t want to lose.

Many of us are trying to hang on to our neighborhood’s beauty and its community spirit. In order to achieve this, we must work together. A good suggestion is for homeowners and renters to “clean out” the garage and park at least one vehicle inside. Another idea is to park in the driveway. Vehicles can even be parked on the street in front of the home. Street parking, like “speed bumps” is a good way to reduce speeding in a neighborhood. It is very discouraging to see cars, vans, trucks, and even boats parked all over the front yard or up to the front door of a home in Twelve Oaks. Many of us want our community to look the way it used to look. At one time Twelve Oaks was considered “the jewel of Town ‘N Country”. We want that back! Seems we don't know what we had until it is gone.

Cars parked on the front lawn of a house

Parking lot or used car lot? The photo above is of a home NOT in Twelve Oaks; however, there are several in our neighborhood that look just like this.

Isn’t it sad that there are neighbors who just don’t care?

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How I Dumped Cable TV
Article submitted by Nancy Cloonan, Twelve Oaks resident

Cutting cord of cable TVI got tired of paying $170/month for the “triple play” of phone, Internet, and cable TV. I cancelled cable TV, keeping only Internet at the 50mb/sec speed and digital phone service. This lowered my monthly bill to $84, including taxes and fees. I did not give up TV. I purchased a Mohu Leaf 30 indoor antenna, with which my digital TV gets 31 local channels in English, including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and PBS, and 6 Spanish channels. I was amazed at the large number of local channels, never dreaming there would be so many.

The Mohu Leaf antenna looks like a thin piece of plastic, about 5”x7”. It comes with a cable that connects to your TV. The antenna can be moved around to find the spot with the best reception. Once the best spot is found, it’s light enough to be taped to the wall. The picture I get is better than the picture I got with cable TV. It is a fact that HDTV reception over the airwaves is superior to HDTV through cable. Another thing I did to make up for the loss of some cable channels was purchase a Roku box. The box is tiny, hooks up to your TV and communicates wirelessly with your computer’s router. It comes with a remote enabling access to hundreds of channels, some of which are free and others for a fee. What I like best is the Netflix channel, which costs about $8/month. It provides on-demand access to hundreds of good movies, documentaries, and TV shows, all shown without commercial interruption. Among Roku’s free channels are YouTube, Pandora, VEVO, TED, Smithsonian, CNET, and Fox Now (enables viewing of all the TV series on Fox).

Both the Mohu Leaf antenna and Roku box can be purchased online at Walmart.com. There are certainly viable alternatives out there to both of these products. I’m just telling you what worked for me.

Good luck and Happy Dumping!
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Got Junk? Plan Ahead!
Community Cleanup – “Dumpster Day”
Saturday, November 4, 2017
9AM to Noon
Overbrook Canal Site
Dumpster Day

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EmailNeighborhood Watch: Residents who are not receiving Nwatch Community Email Updates but would like to receive them must send their name, address, and phone number to nwatch12oaks@gmail.com. Put this address in your email address book so that your computer will not mistake the Updates as spam. If you do not want to receive updates, send Doreen Clauer a note and you will be removed from the list.

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Neighborhood Watch PatrolTwelve Oaks Watch Patrol — Community volunteers drive around our neighborhood with "Twelve Oaks Watch Patrol" magnetic signs on their cars and a flashing light. These people are your neighbors who volunteer to help make our community safer. The patrol volunteers do not stop cars or people, but they do have a significant impact on lowering crime. Their presence makes it known that we, as a community, are observing and watching for incidents and suspicious behavior to report directly to the Sheriff’s Office. Volunteering to Patrol is fun and it’s easy. Here’s how it works: After “training” you will be asked to drive around the community and look for suspicious activity. If seen, you will contact the Sheriff’s Office. We provide you with a clipboard and form so that you can jot down notes in case you notice a street light out, an unattended garage door that’s open, or anything that you think might help others to be more security conscience. A gasoline gift card is given to those who patrol at least three to four days in a week and turn in a report. Patrol volunteers are needed for October and November. If you would like to help contact Ann Carletti at 888.7212 or email: tocrimepatrol@gmail.com. A special thank you to the volunteers who patrol our community.0lp9oi

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Man mowing lawn
Grass & weeds too tall?
Guess what? It’s Time To Mow.

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What reduces property values in a neighborhood?

  • Overgrowth (yard not cared for)
  • Accumulations of junk, trash, debris
  • Vehicles, trailers, boats parked on front yards
  • Commercial vehicles parked overnight and on weekends
Are you responsible? It’s time to turn eyesores into assets.

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Sprinkler systemWater Restrictions - Twelve Oaks residents are reminded that water restrictions are in effect. It’s easy to remember your watering days. Just follow the guide below:
  • Monday and/or Thursday — addresses ending in 0,1, 2, or 3
  • Tuesday and/or Friday — addresses ending in 4, 5, or 6
  • Wednesday and/or Saturday — addresses ending in 7, 8, or 9 and locations with no addresses (common areas, entry areas).
Remember: Water before 8 am, or after 6 pm. ($500 fines enforced if you are caught violating restrictions.)

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Town 'N Country News

School NewsMorgan Woods Elementary School – is collecting Box Tops and Campbell Soup Labels as part of their PTA Fundraisers. Neighborhood contributions will be accepted in the main office. Funds awarded from these items will go directly into the classrooms.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Morgan Woods Elementary website (http://morganwoods.mysdhc.org) to stay informed about school events and activities and to visit your child’s teacher class page. The latest Morgan Woods School news can also be found on Twitter. Simply go to Twitter @MorganWoodsES.

  • Looking ahead...The Great American Teach-In is Thursday, November 17th. Faculty and staff are looking for guest speakers from the community to come in and share about their job or hobby. Contact Jennifer Weir at 813.872.5369 if you are interested in volunteering for this educational event.
Important dates for parents to remember:
  • Oct. 2–13: PTA Catalog Fundraiser
  • Oct. 10: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
  • Oct. 16: No School
  • Oct. 20: Picture Day
  • Oct. 27: Fall Festival – 5:30 pm
  • Oct. 30: Report Cards
Questions? Contact the school office at 872.5369.

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Hillsborough County Recreation After School ProgramHillsborough County Recreation After School Program offers sports, play, active recreation, and homework help for children in grades K – 8. This program is offered Monday through Friday at the Jackson Springs Community Recreation Center, 8630 Jackson Springs Road. For information about registering for this program call 813.884.5004. To register online go to HCFLGov.net/AfterSchool. Registration continues throughout the school year or until the center is at maximum capacity.

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Trunk or Treat 2015“Trunk or Treat” — FREE Halloween Fun Friday, October 27th from 6 to 9 pm. at Jackson Springs Community Recreation Center, 8630 Jackson Springs Road. Parents and teen volunteers are invited to join the fun by donating candy and/or decorating the trunk of their car and giving out candy to kids.

Interested? Call 813-554-5004.

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Town 'N Country Garden CircleThe Town ‘N Country Garden Circle will meet Wednesday, October 4th, 11:30 am at the Jackson Springs Community Recreation Center, 8620 Jackson Springs Road. Attendees will enjoy a buffet luncheon provided by Circle members. Following lunch members and guests will enjoy a presentation by Master Gardener, Virginia Green, on “Flower Arrangements”.

Fall Plant Sale takes place Oct. 21st, the day of the Twelve Oaks Garage Sale. The plants will be located at 7215 Turnmore Dr. (off Barry Rd. near Veteran’s Expressway). Follow the signs and check out the great selection of reasonably priced plants.

Garden Circle is focused on beautifying the community and educating members. Twelve Oaks gardeners, from brown thumbs to green thumbs, are welcome. For additional information contact Sandy Streit at 813.503.6362.

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SeniorsThe Town 'N Country Senior Center provides stimulating activities, health and wellness educational programs, opportunities for socialization and nutritious meals in an enriched environment for active adults and senior citizens. The Center, located on the first floor of the Town ‘N Country Library, is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and exercise classes including walking exercise, cardio fitness, and dance are offered. Guests can work out in classes or alone in the fitness center, watch movies, or participate in classes including quilting, crochet, arts & crafts, and computer lessons. Beginner and conversational Spanish and English Language study and sign language classes are available. Seniors enjoy playing dominoes, ping-pong, party bridge, bingo, mahjongg, rummikub, and pinochle. Wi-Fi access is available for seniors with laptops or smart phones.

A US Citizenship Preparatory Class will be offered every Tuesday at 2:30 pm. (Call 813.873.6336 to register for this class.) Special programs / events in October include:
  • Oct. 12,19, & 26: 10:30 am – University of Florida ISAF presents: Keeping the Pressure Down, an 8 week workshop / Registration Required – 813-803-4043
  • Oct. 12:
    • 9:30 am – Hillsborough County Fire Safety Prevention Presentation
    • 2:00 pm – Book of the Month Club
  • Oct. 13: 1:30 pm – Friday Fiesta with Opera of Tampa
  • Oct. 17: 1:00 pm – Armchair Travel to Uganda
  • Oct. 20: 1:30 pm – Celebrate You! October Birthday Celebration
  • Oct. 26: 9:00 am – Modern Cuisine Healthy Breakfast
  • Oct. 27: 5:30 pm – Halloween Party – Wear costumes and enjoy live music, snacks, games, creepy fun. $2 per person
For a calendar of all activities and events or for additional information about the Senior Center call 873.6336.

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UF/IFAS Florida Master Gardener Program LogoThe Hillsborough County Extension Service offers free plant clinics each month at the Town 'N Country Library. The programs are given by volunteer Master Gardeners that are trained by the University of Florida. All information is research-based by the University.

Parsley on cutting boardThis month's topic, Ornamental and Culinary Herbs, will be offered on Thursday, October 12th at 6:30 pm. Learn about the wide variety of herbs that are easy to grow in Florida and how they can be used to "spice up your cooking."

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Town 'N Country LibraryVisit the Town ‘N Country Library: October will be a busy month at our local library. Programs are available for toddlers, teens, and adults and include book discussions, English conversational skills, computer classes, used book sales, and more.

Sahaja Meditation will be offered every Saturday at 10:30 and Walk-In Tech Help every Monday at 2:00 pm. Adults can drop in any time during this one-hour open lab for quick training in computer basics, tablets, smartphones, e-books, e-readers, and more.

Listed here are a few of the other programs offered.
  • Special science programs will be offered every Tuesday at 2:45 pm for children in grades K – 5. Topics include: Properties of Matter, Electricity, Big Cats, and Spiders.
  • “Ornamental and Culinary Herbs” will be the topic of discussion at the Master Gardener Program Thursday, Oct. 12th at 6:30 pm.
  • Oct. 14th at 1:30 pm is “Steam Saturday”. All ages will enjoy a fun afternoon of science and art! Perform a science experiment - or create something new!
  • Monday, Oct. 16th at 10:00 am Florida Licensing On Wheels brings the following motorist services directly to the customer: first time licenses, convert out of state license, renewals, replacements for lost or stolen license, address/name changes, ID cards, reinstatements, emergency contact information registration, vehicle registration renewals, disabled parking placard issuance and renewals.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17th adults are invited to join local author Bill DeYoung as he discusses his book Skyway: The True Story of Tampa Bay’s Signature Bridge and the Man Who Brought it Down. Learn about the events that caused a 600-foot freighter to knock down the Sunshine Skyway Bridge during a sudden, violent storm in 1980. Through video and narration, Mr. DeYoung will piece together the harrowing moments of the collision including first-person accounts of witnesses and survivors.
  • “Got Brains” - Mmm, braaaaaaains… a program for teens will take place, Thursday Oct. 19th at 4:30 pm. Come dressed in your most ghoulish gear for zombie games, trivia, crafts, and more. It’s a graveyard smash — don’t miss it!
  • Friday, Oct. 27th The Creative Arts Theatre Company will present The Secret Garden. When a 10-year old orphan is sent to live with an uncle she’s never met, she discovers a mysterious, walled-off garden. To her surprise, as the garden begins to bloom, so does she. This literary classic comes to life through the magic of colorful design, music, and live actors! For ages 5 and up.
The Friends of the Town 'N Country Regional Library Bargain Street Book Store is open at all times that the Library is open with books at bargain prices. For information on these and other library activities visit the Town ‘N Country Regional Public Library website, click on Schedule of Events or call 813.801.6722.

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News At Large

Hurricane symbolIt’s Hurricane Season Until November 30th The most important thing that you can do is to be informed and prepared! You are encouraged to register for HCFL Alert, Hillsborough County’s official public notification system for emergency and urgent alerts. To receive messages by email, phone, and text, go to HCFLGov.net/StaySafe. For more information, call 813.272.5900.

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Mosquito seasonImportant Notice – Mosquitoes: We had a lot of rain this summer and Twelve Oaks residents are encouraged to follow these simple rules to help control the breeding of mosquitoes in your yard:
  • Keep all containers that can hold water in your yards empty. Mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in stagnant water!
  • Mosquitoes can breed in water that does not drain from gutters. Remember to keep you gutters clean.
  • Dump and refill pet water bowls and bird baths every two to three days - that way the water doesn’t become stagnant and evolve into a “breeding site”.
  • Remove standing water from the top of pool and spa covers.
  • Cover boats with a tight fitting tarp.
  • Drill holes in tire swings. Recycle used tires or store in a covered area.
  • If you have bromeliads or other trumpet-type, water-holding plants, sprinkle some Sevin Dust on them to keep them from becoming a ”breeding site”. It won’t harm the plants and is readily available.
  • Educate your neighbors and friends on how they can help control mosquitoes, so you are not eliminating a breeding site on your property, only to have them come over to visit from next door.
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Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative.org - Discover - Engage - TransformHomework Help for Students ― The Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative offers Live Homework Help, a free real-time tutoring service. Students can log on through the library system’s website at www.hcplc.org. The free tutoring service is available from 2 pm to midnight seven days a week and offers help in math, science, social studies, SAT Prep, essay writing, English and more. Service is also available in Spanish.

Questions? Call the Hillsborough County Public Library at 273.3652.

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Math Homework Hotline logoMath Homework Hotline ― Every Thursday your child can get math help for free! Math Homework Hotline is a math help show geared primarily for middle school students. District math teachers answer phone lines from 5:30 to 7:00 pm assisting students with math questions at all levels. At 6 pm the live show begins and the hosts work math problems related to the theme for the night. Students can also agree to have their math question answered live during the hour-long show.

Math? Not a Problem! Just call 813.840.7260 Thursdays beginning at 5:30 pm.

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Hillsborough County InformationFor County Services, Who Do You Call? Contact Hillsborough County at 272.5900, a one-stop county service and information center! The center provides comprehensive information and referral to all government, health, and social services in the community. It coordinates government service requests and handles complaints quickly and courteously. This office works with all county departments to ensure you receive accurate and timely responses.

Hillsborough County Information – 272.5900 – Se Habla Espano

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