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Mark Your Calendars:

TOCA Business Meeting
Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 7PM
Jackson Springs Community Center
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TOCA General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 7PM
Town 'N Country Library
1st Floor Meeting Room A

Membership Renewal

2017 Annual Membership Options

Contact Phone Number

2017 TOCA Membership - Don’t forget to renew your TOCA Membership. A $10 annual donation (or more if you choose) supports year-round community events and services that maintain the quality of living in our beautiful community. Membership applications were mailed to residents who had not joined by January 11th. If you recently paid, please disregard the letter.

If you have not joined or renewed your membership for 2017, there are two options:
  • Pay via clicking the PayPal button to the right.
  • Or take the time now to complete the application mailed to you or click this link in order to download the 2017 TOCA Membership Application and mail it along with your check made out to TOCA. Mail your check today to: Twelve Oaks Civic Association at P.O. Box 261012 Tampa, Florida 33685-1012.
Please include your email address and phone number as they are very important and make it possible for the association to communicate important information to residents in a timely manner.

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  MembershipTOCA Membership - As of August 10th 464 residents had joined TOCA for 2017. Our goal is 50% membership and we are almost there.

New memberships are welcome at any time. Each new member makes us that much stronger, both in numbers, and in the resources available to our organization. If you have not joined or renewed your membership for 2017 and would like to pay using PayPal, simply use the PayPal button at the top of screen and follow the prompts. If you prefer, complete the application that is on the website and mail it along with your check made out to TOCA at P.O. Box 261012 Tampa, FL. 33685

2017 Memberships received July 12th through September 7th:
  • Keily & Nichole Rodriguez – Armand Circle
  • Javier Gonzalez & Rosa Herrera – Barry Rd.
  • Thomas Poole & Kerry Harrison – Brook Hollow
  • Leandro & Jana Brandao – Fairbrook
  • Justo Torres – Greenshire
  • Lazaro Mora & Suzel Moreno – Oakvista
  • Roberto & Tiffany Guerrero – Sunshine
  • Jose & Alba Pelaez – Twelve Oaks
  • Ray & Winnie Lara - Williams
  • Angela DeRocco & Robin Niven – Windwood
Thank you for your support.

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Thank You on a road signThank You and Congratulations To The Winners! A special thanks to the businesses that contributed these wonderful door prizes for the August 22nd TOCA meeting. Donors, prizes, and resident winners were:
  • Publix, Twelve Oaks Plaza, for their donation of the large tray of cubanitos served to attendees
  • Jeff Berg, Realtor – Coldwell Banker
    • $25 Panera Gift Card to Mary Marshall
  • The Florida Aquarium
    • 4 Complimentary passes to Fannie Wynn
  • Outback (Sheldon Rd.)
    • 2 $10 Tuck Away Cards, Free Dessert & Aussietizer to Sarah Richards
  • Village Inn (Hillsborough Ave.)
    • 3 pie gift cards to Glenna Haynes
  • Kuchi Sushi & Hibachi (Anderson Rd.)
    • $20 gift card to Betty Myrick
  • Carrabba’s (Sheldon Rd.)
    • $25 gift card to Mary Blazer
  • Mission BBQ (Waters Ave.)
    • 2 free sandwich coupons to Mercita Ramos
The generosity of these businesses and individuals certainly demonstrates their dedication to the community of Twelve Oaks. Thank Then By Supporting Them!

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VolunteersVolunteers: Residents are encouraged to consider volunteering as active members on the 2018 TOCA Board. (Elections will be held at the November meeting.) Serving on this Board entails spending 1 or 2 hours a month with fellow residents trying to make a difference in our community. Residents, who would like to participate and contribute to the betterment of Twelve Oaks, are encouraged to attend meetings, ask questions, and simply find out more about what the different organizations do for the community.

Questions?? Contact any TOCA Board member. You will find our phone numbers and email addresses on the Contact Us page of this website or on page 2 of the Acorn newsletter.

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2017 TOCA Officers and Directors

Officers: Directors:
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TOCA Business Meeting Minutes - July 25, 2017
Janet Owen, Secretary

President Rosemarie Middleton called the meeting to order at 7 PM. Board members in attendance were Mercita Ramos, Sarah Richards, Chantale Pierre-Louis, Martha Holmes, Sue Pritchard, Rose Moyer, and Susan Stringfellow. Jeff Berg and Justin Keeney were absent. President Middleton announced that Vice President Jeff Berg would resign when his house sells.

Minutes: The minutes of the April 25th business meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report: The report was approved as presented.

  • Picnic 2017 – Final Report: Total expenses for this year’s picnic = $2,118.24.
  • Doggie Bag Dispensers & Supplies: System working well.
  • Membership: To date 2017 = 459 members. President Middleton reported that there has been no activity on Pay Pal since May 28th and that she believes that our door-to-door membership drive is the most successful way to generate membership. Volunteers should be asked to complete only one street.
  • Ladies Social Group: This month ladies will meet at Red Lobster.
  • Welcome / Sunshine: YTD Rose has welcomed 36 families. Since this report, she welcomed 4 additional families and submitted 4 new memberships.
Old Business/Announcements:
  • Annual IRS Tax Report: Filed electronically and accepted by IRS.
  • General Meeting – August 22nd: Jeff has confirmed speakers. Members confirmed availability of beverages. President reminded board members to continue to solicit door prizes from local businesses.
  • 2017 Garage Sale - October 21st: Rain Date: October 28th.
  • 2017 Community Cleanup: November 4th. Date and grant approved.
  • Town 'N Country Youth Council: Council was dissolved in June.
New Business
  • 2017 TOCA Neighborhood Improvement Project: President Middleton noted that 2 trash receptacles need replacement. She will propose to TOSD that we share the cost - $162.36 each, including free shipping.
  • 2018 Community Picnic - Proposed date is April 7, 2018: The board is exploring various options: Jackson Springs Community Center as the venue, the use of armbands for identification purposes, and the addition of inside and outside vendors as a fund raiser.
  • 2017 Annual Meeting - November 28th: Election of 2018 TOCA Board - Members up for re-election are Rosemarie, Sarah, Susan, Martha, Chantale, Justin, Rose. These members will advise Rosemarie of their intention at the October meeting. Note: Vice President Jeff Berg, who no longer lives in Twelve Oaks, will be off Board. November Program: Twelve Oaks Neighborhood Watch - Doreen Clauer.
  • Community Update: Twelve Oaks Lawn & Maintenance Service update – TOSD Trustees will open, review, and vote on submitted contract proposals at the TOSD August meeting. The new company will begin working August 15th

The meeting adjourned at 8 PM. The next meeting is October 24th.

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